Can STEM Club be too much fun?

Friday was the first STEM Club of the year at Pixies Hill Primary School. This is my second year of running it from 3.15 – 4.30 on a Friday. Last year we clashed with Zumba, which cut down numbers a bit, however, we’ve still got 15 signed up, out of a total of 60 in years 5 and 6, which…

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Top 10

My Top Ten …. science and engineering toys and games round the house

My children are now 11 and 13, and over the years we’ve accumulated a large number of STEM related toys. Perhaps not surprising given my background, and that my husband is also an engineer. We have way more than 10, believe me. So this list includes those that have come the distance and lasted the journey of family life.

Practical Science

Practical Experiments in School Science – is behaviour an issue?

On Wednesday 14th September, I was on BBC Breakfast discussing the Science and Technology Committee Report on ‘Practical Experiments in School Science Lessons and Science Field Trips’. I confess, when the phone rang the previous evening, I thought ‘am I really the right person to comment on this’, but when I read through the report, I realised that my years…

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