Engineer in Residence

Trying out being an ‘Engineer in Residence’

Since September I have been working  with the John Warner School in Hoddesdon.  I initially described myself as an ‘embedded ambassador’, but when Deputy Head and lead on STEM Paul Clarke described me as an ‘Engineer in Residence’, I realised I rather liked the term.  We’ve all heard of an  ‘Artist in Residence’ so being an ‘Engineer in Residence’ made…

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KB Woman of Achievement

Role Models

What do girls really think?  About self image?  About careers?  We probably all know a few 7 – 21 year old girls and have an inkling about what they think – I’ve got a 13 year old daughter myself – but that doesn’t stop a new survey by Girlguiding making fascinating reading.  ‘Girls’ Attitudes Explored – Role Models’ is the…

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twitter logo

The Complete Tweet

I recently updated my Twitter profile, to cover not just ‘Kate the STEM Enthusiast’ but also other interests of mine.  I’ve always been wary of talking about what production I’m performing in, or about the latest Vivo D’Arte events, because it could look like self promotion, but following two recent meetings, I think I’m coming round to the idea that…

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PE effect

What is it with Physics?

‘I was seriously worried that physics would disappear from the curriculum’.  The words of an experienced physics teacher I met last week, on watching the fall in numbers training to teach the subject. The ongoing shortage brought me back into the classroom last week. A school has suddenly got a physics teacher on long term sick leave, and are looking…

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Finding something you weren’t looking for

If someone calls you a Geek, how do you feel?  How about if they call you a nerd?  Well this Venn diagram really made me smile.  I picked it up on twitter from @athenedonald who had been sent it by @jimalkhalili. So perhaps that explains it – social ineptitude is hardly a compliment, whereas intelligence probably is, and obsession ……

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