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The summer holidays may be over, but there are still opportunities to develop that all important ‘science capital’ for children. I first heard of the concept of measuring family science capital as a member of the ASPIRES advisory board – it takes in science-related qualifications, understanding, knowledge (about science and ‘how it works’), interest and social contacts (e.g. knowing someone…

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Blog May 15

Girls into Engineering? Read this first!

If you only look at one thing about Women in Engineering this year – I suggest you make it “Not for people like me.” I’ve been involved in promotion and campaigning for the past 25 years for girls in STEM, particularly engineering ….. so how are things looking? The Statistics on Women in Engineering (compiled by the Women’s Engineering Society…

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Bellingham Court

Bellingham Court – new residential block at the University of Hertfordshire

How would you react if someone asked if they could name a building after you?  My response to the University of Hertfordshire was ‘Ooh!  I’d be delighted.  Thank you.’  This week it has finally dawned on me what that means.  I was at a University dinner with Professor Quintin McKellar, the Vice Chancellor, on Friday, and he suddenly said ‘Oh,…

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DMU Hon Doc

De Montfort University Honorary Doctorate in Technology – 17 July 2014

Only three days after visiting Hull, I was in Leicester to receive another Honorary Doctorate, this time from De Montfort University in technology.  Quite a different occasion – but equally wonderful, and equally fitting for the graduating students and their family and friends.  This time I took along my husband and my niece called, slightly confusingly, Katie Bellingham.  (At least…

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Hull Hon Doc

Honorary Doctorate from Hull University – 14 July 2014

I was delighted to receive two honorary doctorates this month.  Both very different occasions and both very special to me. The first was from the University of Hull, where I was given an Honorary Doctorate in Science. The venue was the impressive City Hall where my father graduated in History as a mature student 30 years ago.  This time he…

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