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What is putting girls off engineering?

A tweet caught my eye today linking to a blog from Barrie Weaver. A recent Royal Academy of Engineering report states that 50% of engineering graduates don’t go on into mainstream engineering companies and Barrie’s blog then suggests why that might be the case. Apparently, when researching where to apply for a job;  “I discover dozens of engineering companies presenting me…

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Hull Hon Doc

Honorary Doctorate from Hull University – 14 July 2014

I was delighted to receive two honorary doctorates this month.  Both very different occasions and both very special to me. The first was from the University of Hull, where I was given an Honorary Doctorate in Science. The venue was the impressive City Hall where my father graduated in History as a mature student 30 years ago.  This time he…

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Engineer in Residence

Trying out being an ‘Engineer in Residence’

Since September I have been working  with the John Warner School in Hoddesdon.  I initially described myself as an ‘embedded ambassador’, but when Deputy Head and lead on STEM Paul Clarke described me as an ‘Engineer in Residence’, I realised I rather liked the term.  We’ve all heard of an  ‘Artist in Residence’ so being an ‘Engineer in Residence’ made…

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KB Hon Doc photo

Dr Kate?

I have a dilemma. Last month I was awarded an honorary doctorate in science by the University of the West of England. I’m hugely proud to have received this in recognition of the work I do promoting science and engineering opportunities to young people, and I had a great day in Bristol with my family, including the chance to speak…

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Context, Inspiration and Information

It’s April 2012 and the long discussed National Careers Service has now been launched. Having been the National STEM Careers Coordinator for several years, I had plenty of opportunity to come to my own conclusions about what was needed to ensure young people end up making appropriate choices. I feel that information is important, but also inspiration, context and appropriate…

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