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Maths in Science is vital …. but are we testing science or maths?

Science A levels are in the news again.  This time Score (Science community representing education) have been looking at the range and depth of maths in A level science exams.   They found that in many cases the maths needed for the subject, and specified in the syllabus, wasn’t included in the exams.  As, realistically, students will study what is tested,…

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Context, Inspiration and Information

It’s April 2012 and the long discussed National Careers Service has now been launched. Having been the National STEM Careers Coordinator for several years, I had plenty of opportunity to come to my own conclusions about what was needed to ensure young people end up making appropriate choices. I feel that information is important, but also inspiration, context and appropriate…

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The Gender Gap in Maths

On Thursday 19th January, I was invited onto the Today Programme on Radio 4 to comment on some new research about the ‘gender gap’ in the highest levels of Maths.   As is often the case, I had lots more I could have said, but we were restricted by time, and, of course that it was a news programme not…

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