Bellingham Court

Bellingham Court – new residential block at the University of Hertfordshire

How would you react if someone asked if they could name a building after you?  My response to the University of Hertfordshire was ‘Ooh!  I’d be delighted.  Thank you.’  This week it has finally dawned on me what that means.  I was at a University dinner with Professor Quintin McKellar, the Vice Chancellor, on Friday, and he suddenly said ‘Oh,…

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Kate starred in BBC TV’s ‘Tomorrow’s World’.

“Imagine a World ….”

“Imagine a World ….” My father emailed me on Monday to say he’d just seen me on TV.  “Strange,” I thought, “I haven’t made any new programmes recently.”  It turns out it was not new at all – anything but – instead it was a fascinating insight into just how much the world has changed in 20 years.   Business…

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Kate Bellingham Woman of Achievement

Role Models

What do girls really think?  About self image?  About careers?  We probably all know a few 7 – 21 year old girls and have an inkling about what they think – I’ve got a 13 year old daughter myself – but that doesn’t stop a new survey by Girlguiding making fascinating reading.  ‘Girls’ Attitudes Explored – Role Models’ is the…

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twitter logo

The Complete Tweet

I recently updated my Twitter profile, to cover not just ‘Kate the STEM Enthusiast’ but also other interests of mine.  I’ve always been wary of talking about what production I’m performing in, or about the latest Vivo D’Arte events, because it could look like self promotion, but following two recent meetings, I think I’m coming round to the idea that…

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Vivo D'Arte Logo

Employability skills – from a theatre workshop

All the rumpus over GCSEs has been reminding me that there’s more to education – and to job hunting – than qualifications. But what are these additional ‘soft skills’ or ‘employability skills’?  And how can you get them?  There’s no syllabus or exam. The Guardian reported on ‘soft skills’ in June this year, from a graduate perspective.  The feature highlighted…

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